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Mångata is a Swedish word, best translated to describe the path-like reflection the moon makes on the water. Mångata services was founded by Denise Wolf to guide clients along the often challenging passageway through life.   Denise incorporates aspects of evidence based practices, mindfulness, and art therapy in her work with individuals, groups, and families.

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Denise Wolf is a PPP collaborator that contributes to the practice of engaging communities in the expressive and empowering process of hand papermaking.
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Art at noon: art therapy and catharsis

Invited Lecture: Art at Noon Delaplaine Arts Center Art therapists are primed with the knowledge of how the aesthetic experience of both viewing and creating art creates psychological and physiological change that supports emotional integration, catharsis, and resilience. Denise Wolf, credentialed and licensed art therapist, identifies the function of catharsis in both the viewing and … Continue reading Art at noon: art therapy and catharsis

Expressive Therapies Conference for 2021 is in Atlantic City and Live via Zoom!

THE SUMMIT IS MULTIMODAL, featuring all of the creative arts therapies: art, drama, music, psychodrama, writing, dance, and play therapies. INTERMODAL, emphasizing collaborative workshops by two or more specialists MULTIDISCIPLINARY, including professionals and content from other fields. This extraordinary continuing education opportunity offers creative arts therapists at all levels the chance to come together to … Continue reading Expressive Therapies Conference for 2021 is in Atlantic City and Live via Zoom!

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