Drexel Graduate Art Therapy and Counseling Students create an Expressive Therapies Continuum blog.

Media, Materials, and Exploration Class Blog

This quarter, I had the honor of teaching a course in Drexel’s graduate art therapy program, Media, Materials, and Processes in Art Therapy. This course identified practices in art therapy explored through the direct experience of art making with a range of art materials and processes in studio, seminar, and group-based formats. An emphasis on treatment approaches through expanded media palettes was established through experiential, reflective discussions, and written and art-based integrated learning, with focus of connecting treatment approaches and goals to the Expressive Therapies Continuum.

As a culminating project, the students collectively decided on creating a class blog, including their reflective journaling along side their directed art engagements. They decided on using the tagging inherent in blogging formatting so that the site is easily searchable, as an ongoing reference for art therapist media selection to meet the diverse needs of the clients we serve.

I am so proud of their insightful and thorough explorations. I urge you to visit the class blog.

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