Rebel Ventures

Rebel Ventures is a youth-powered social enterprise creating healthy deliciousness for kids, by kid, in Philadelphia schools.
“Too many mornings students travel out into the city of Philly with growling bellies, so one day the Rebel Crew and I said ‘How about we create Healthy Delish for my Squad?’ Through blazing summers and freezing winters – from the SP, down North, back to the bottom – we tested recipes until we developed something we know is poppin, THE REBEL CRUMBLES.” -Crew Member A’Nya

Rebel Crumbles are going to be served for breakfast in every school in the School District of Philadelphia starting January 30th, 2017. We want to unite all kids (and adult allies) together to create the best foods we can for all kids. Rebel products are designed by, with, and for kids.

A short video about the Rebel Story

I Am Jane Doe – The Movie

I Am Jane Doe

I Am Jane Doe is a gut-wrenching human story and fresh look at a social and legal issue that affects every community in America.  This film chronicles the epic battle that several American mothers are waging on behalf of their middle-school daughters, victims of sex trafficking on, the adult classifieds section that for years was part of the iconic Village Voice.  Reminiscent of Erin Brockovich and Karen Silkwood, these mothers have stood up on behalf of thousands of other mothers, fighting back and refusing to take no for an answer. Continue reading “I Am Jane Doe – The Movie”

Teletherapy now available!

Teletherapy has been defined as ““the application of telecommunications technology to delivery of professional services at a distance by linking clinician to client, or clinician to clinician, for assessment, intervention, and/or consultation.” In a nut shell, it’s online therapy.

Traveling to an office for therapy is often not convenient and, for some people, it is not possible. Denise Wolf is now available through a secure, HIPPA compliant video conferencing platform.  Find more information here.